Personal Statistics and Facts



Full Name: William Ramsey Fulton

Referred to as: Will Fulton (casual), William R Fulton (formal)

Promo Name(s): Sicilian Dragon (This is my username on here, and several other places. It’s derived from my favorite chess formation–of the same name–and it seems to suit me well, so it fell into place.)

Birth Date: April 6, 1986 (Thirties are the new twenties, so this would make me 22.)

Sex: Male (Yes, it’s that simple 😆 )

Gender: Redundant (see above)

Sexuality: Straight

Approximate IQ: 148

Marriage/Children: Neither, ever, and plan to keep it so

Siblings: None by blood, although my Grandma lived with my parents and me as I grew up, so she was effectively my little sister (funny but accurate analogy).

Alma Mater: University of Redlands (both undergrad and graduate). Note: that’s Redlands, not Redding. One’s in So-Cal, the other’s in Nor-Cal. I know they have the same color in them, which confuses countless people, but (shockingly) they’re distinctly different words.


BA (Bachelor’s) in Psychology

MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) w/ Finance Emphasis

Birth & Childhood City: Seattle, WA (I fled as soon as I was old enough.)

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA (Well, technically I live in one of the 87 suburbs of it. If you’re meant to find out which one, you will. It doesn’t matter much anyway, because I’m frequently in L.A./Hollywood, and this is where most of my public affairs will be conducted.)

Spoken Language(s): English. Period.

Published Novel(s): Reality Bytes (2018)




Height: 5’8″ (That’s during the day, barefoot. I’m slightly taller fresh out of bed.)

Weight: 160 lbs (give-or-take, up-and-down)


Race/Ethnicity/Nationality: White (That’s usually all people are asking when it comes to any of these terms, no matter how PC they try to be. It took me a while to catch onto this, but people would smirk at me when I told them the specifics. If you want to know, though, see below.)

Specific Nationalities: 7/16 British, 1/4 Sicilian, 1/8 Basque, 1/8 German, 1/16 unknown

Right-Handed or Left-Handed: Right

Blood Type: A-Positive




Hobbies & Recreational Activities: This is always an Achilles’ Heel when I’m asked about it. One of those lame topics of small-talk. The thing is: I’m quite cerebral and reclusive, so the only real things I do “for fun” are: read, write, think, sit at my computer, and lie in bed. This keeps me far more entertained than any night club, sport, etc. But it doesn’t come across that way, especially when presented online.

I now see how this presents a challenge, especially with social media. 🤣 On Facebook and Instagram, for example, people are supposed to post pictures of themselves “smiling, having fun, and doing interesting things.” But if this isn’t my idea of pleasure, how am I supposed to fake it just so others find it interesting?

Fortunately, my projects allow me to provide “entertainment” through the means I described above, which is better than simply experiencing it myself for one night.

In addition, as I begin making a name for myself, I do intend to “come out of my shell” and network in L.A. I always enjoy exploring this immense county…from obscure suburbs to mainstream Hollywood. As I come out of my natural habitat, it will be fun to meet other entertainment enthusiasts, and perhaps live out a few scenes from The Hills in the process (minus the drama, I hope).

Interests and Focuses: 

  • Finance & Investment: house flipping, stocks & options, and other creative paths to financial freedom. I’ve been a student of Kiyosaki for many years, and always enjoy attending meetups with like-minded people, such as CashFlow games. If you hope to meet me one day, this might be one of your best shots…that is, if you live in L.A. County. 😎
  • Computers (I’m a Microsoft man; apples are to eat.)
  • Poker (I’ve played Hold ‘Em for a decade–online and in person, though less these days.)
  • Exploring LA: food, events, museums, shops, meeting people, etc. etc. etc.
  • Film & Production (That’s one place where I hope to expand my work next.)
  • Radio (That’s another…assuming it’s necessary to transition to a live talk show on TV)
  • Social Theory: people watching, analyzing, hypothesizing, having humorous discussions about it, debunking ignorant views of the masses, etc.
  • Chess (I’m still at a pathetic 1200-1300, and haven’t played in quite a while. However, becoming a grand master is on my bucket list…yes, really.)
  • Writing (I almost forgot that one)
  • Group Games: Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Loaded Questions, ad infinitum.
  • General black humor, and mocking & destroying “political correctness”
  • Philosophy: though I’m more on the practical side throughout day-to-day life, I do believe philosophy has its place. I discuss it more in the “views” section below.
  • Childhood Psychology: the actual experience of being a kid, and what’s going on in their brains & minds
  • Personality & Psychological Types: My own Types from various systems are listed on the bottom of this page, and I’m occasionally found on typology forums. Please refer to the page, “List of Usernames on Other Sites” under “About Will Fulton.”

Favorite Books:

Ironically, I don’t tend to read for pleasure, but here are a few:

  • Reality Bytes by William R Fulton (Coincidentally, that’s both my favorite book and my favorite author.)
  • The Odyssey by Homer
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki (and its subsequent series)
  • The Afterlife Handbook by Michael Powell
  • Sixth Grade Secrets (AKA Pig City) by Louis Sachar (Hands-down my favorite childhood book. It’s almost the next best thing to Reality Bytes, for those who are too young for naughty and disturbing content. I hope it’s still in mainstream circulation.)

Favorite Movies & TV Series

Also ironic for someone who wants to produce: I haven’t had a TV in years, so I’m oblivious to trends. But these are some of my top classic well-known ones:

  • Rocky (All six of them, but 3 and 4 are my personal favorites)
  • Back to the Future (All 3, but #2 is my favorite…and the most influential to me)
  • Groundhog Day
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Jumanji (both the old one and the recent sequel. Very influential to me, as a child and adult alike)
  • South Park
  • Beavis and Butthead
  • The Hills (I enjoy it as a social theorist, and it immersed me into the life of the city I had just moved to. No, I don’t get attached to the people and their problems…sheesh.)
  • House
  • Wonder Years (Ironically named, and annoying characters, but still entertaining)




Philosophical: Fundamentalist atheist, nihilist, materialist, hard-determinist

The four outlooks above are self-evident and go hand-in-hand, though few people are able (or willing) to recognize this.

I also refer to myself as a “materialistic materialist,” meaning: even though I acknowledge that all things, people, thoughts, feelings, etc. are simply physical mass–and have no intrinsic meaning–I will still pursue material pleasures in a pragmatic sense. This can be contrasted with:

a) The Buddhist-like mentality that seeks to end all desires and “selfish pursuits” (which is, of course, a selfish desire in itself, as well as physically impossible without invasive brain surgery or death).

b) The self-righteous notion that we must be less shallow and focus on the “finer things” like true friendship, love, hope, enjoying nature, etc. Hate to break it to you, but all these things are also arbitrary concepts assigned to meaningless physical mass…so one can’t logically use materialism to shun the “shallow” pursuits in favor of the arbitrarily “deep” or “mature” ones.

I’m also drawn to aspects of existentialism. The two philosophers I  agree with most are Nietzsche and Schopenhauer. I think the latter had the most accurate viewpoint of anyone out there, though I identify more with the former in my response to it, as well as my approach to existing in such a reality.

Religious: N/A (See above)

Political: I’m not really into politics, and don’t identify with any party. I’m very critical of the religious right (as you can deduce from above), but I’m equally critical of the entire leftist mentality. I advocate individualism over collectivism in every sense–political or not. I’m a supporter of free-market capitalism, as I think it’s the worst system except for all the others (like Churchill said about democracy). I generally agree with Ayn Rand on ethical principle, but on a practical level, I know there has to be some regulation–in both social and economic affairs. So I’m not extreme enough to be a libertarian. I guess you could call me a moderate.

Autism/Asperger’s Controversy (Pro-Cure vs. Anti-Cure): I agree (and disagree) with aspects of both. I’m considering writing a book (or at least essay) to unify/reconcile the two. More on the topic can (and will) be found throughout my site and in the archives.

However, it’s all covered efficiently & sufficiently in my work of fiction: Reality Bytes.

Human Life Span: 

Since I do not have the luxury of expecting Heaven (see above), I have not made peace with my death…the notion of my life being over in several decades makes me sick. That said, I have not accepted it as reality: since I understand that we are, in fact, merely complex chemical reactions, I know it’s physically possible for us to stay alive indefinitely.

The question is whether this can be pulled off by scientists in time, without being sabotaged. I obviously don’t care if it happens after I die…or worse yet, if it happens when I’m still alive but it’s too late for me personally (man, you thought it was a pisser when that young dude got promoted over you at work?). A good amount of research is being done to extend our life span to 1000+ years (giving Millennial a whole new meaning!) Of course, the idea would be to continue developing technology during that time…keeping us alive yet longer, colonizing planets after the sun explodes, etc. etc.

So the bottom line: if significant progress hasn’t been made in another decade or so, I’ll have to take it on myself…I don’t trust much, but I do trust my own brain’s ability to accomplish this. Even if this means going to medical school and restructuring my entire path, it would be a small price to pay…especially when successful.

I plan both to write and reference articles on the topic soon, so stay tuned.





Enneagram: 5w6(cp)-8w9-4w3 sx/sp

Socionics: LII (INTj)

Sloan/Global Five: RLOEI

Four Temperaments: Melancholic-Choleric

Color Code: Red 1st, Blue 2nd, Yellow Last **

Bank Code: KABN ***